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The origins of D Dupleks steel slugs made today date back to the 1970s and 1980s. Over the years, experience was accumulated together with achievements in industrial production technologies, thus providing a basis for a wide range of modern, progressive and highly effective products. The experience of steel slug making had started back when Latvia was still incorporated in the USSR. Mostly smooth-barreled weapons were available to local hunters then. Shotguns were used in all kinds of hunts, from waterfowl hunting to bear hunting. During a hunting season, more than 20,000 big game animals (moose, red deer, wild boars, roe deer) were bagged using shotguns. Feeling the need for a highly accurate long-distance shotgun munition, many hunters created a lot of their own interesting smooth-bore slug designs, allowing for better use of shotgun capabilities.



The synthesis of classic and modern metal processing techniques is very suitable for making non-conventional slugs of materials and shapes previously unseen in the hunting ammunition industry. The D Dupleks slug ammunition production process consists of many stages, from slug body lathe-machining and thermal treatment to their encasing in plastics. The last automated process is shotshell loading and packaging. All stages of production are fully automated, thus eliminating manual labor and possible human mistakes.



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