Dupo 20

Dupo 20
High precision
Controlled expansion
Powerful stopping impact

Technical data:

Slug weight: 19.5 g / 300 gr
Muzzle velocity: 450 m/s / 1475 fps
Muzzle energy: 1975 J / 1455 fp

Dupo 20 combines the powerful characteristics of a steel expanding slug with light recoil, a lighter gun and other good traits of the 20/70. The Dupo 20 has a unique 28 mm expansion diameter – larger than any of similar 20 gauge slugs. Such characteristics make this slug perfect for use in hunts with beaters using drilling or other combined guns where fast and sometimes imperfect hits must be compensated by an effective impact of the projectile. Suitable for use in smooth and rifled barrels, the Dupo 20 is a universal load that can be used in various weapons with a different purpose and design. Contrary to the majority of 20 gauge expanding slugs that are designed for use in rifled barrels only, the Dupo 20 slug provides unseen capabilities for the smooth bore 20 gauge.

The main advantages:
  • Unique parameters for the 20 gauge – 28 mm expansion diameter
  • Light recoil
  • Expanding slug for 20 gauge smoothbore barrel
  • Hydrodynamic shockwave on internal organs
  • Large entrance holes provide massive blood tracks
  • Lead-free
  • Minimal friction in the barrel
  • Can be used in all chokes
  • Highest accuracy with a 1 mm choke
  • Suitable also for rifled barrels


The devastating hydro-shock effect caused by the immediate but controlled expansion allows comparing the Dupo 20 with rifle ammunition. Impact effects at reasonable distances are similar or even better, providing unseen capabilities for the smooth bore 20 gauge. The light Dupo 20 load is designed to fit the needs of medium-sized hunters providing an effective product that is comfortable to use. A new and powerful cartridge that supplements the 20 gauge in big game hunting with confidence and trust – the Dupo 20 perfectly fulfills the demands of wild boar and deer hunters.


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