Monolit 32 Magnum

Monolit 32 Magnum
For overgrown hunting areas
Reduced ricochet possibility
Deep penetration

Technical data:

Slug weight: 32.0 g / 495 gr
Muzzle velocity: 480 m/s / 1575 fps
Muzzle energy: 3690 J / 2720 fp

A powerful slug of the Monolit series with a 32 g weight provides high accuracy results in areas extremely densely overgrown with bushes and grass, where rifled weapon use is ineffective. At the moment of hit, Monolit 32 bullet provides especially strong impact. The flat frontal surface ensures complete impact energy transfer to the target. The slug body is lathe-machined, enclosed in a polymer casing and centered ideally, thus being very accurate. Slugs do not contain lead and do not foul barrels with lead foil and burned waste.

The main advantages:
  • Well suitable for overgrown hunting areas
  • High penetration capability
  • Reduced possibility of ricocheting
  • Lead-free
  • High accuracy at long distances
  • Minimal friction in the barrel
  • Can be used with all chokes
  • Retains its trajectory¬†when hitting obstacles
  • Powerful impact and stopping effect
  • Highest accuracy with a 1 mm choke
  • Suitable also for rifled barrels
  • Not recommended for use in back-bored (increased inner diameter) barrels


The Monolit 32 slug, thanks to its high accuracy and special capability of retaining trajectory when hitting obstacles, is greatly favored in driven hunt and successfully used in big game hunting. During the projectile flight, the rear part of the slug together with the lateral surface of the slug body stabilizes it precisely with the nose forward. Due to its hard material, balancing and stabilizing surfaces, the slug maintains its initial flight path, even after hitting various obstacles such as tree branches, bushes and dense grass. Unlike the Monolit 28, this slug retains its balancing even when hitting large obstacles such as trees with a 5-10 cm diameter. The slug has a reinforced rear part, and even loosing its polymer wad affects neither weight balance nor stabilizing surfaces. As a result, after exiting the obstacle the slug continues to stabilize itself and fly along the initial path with its nose forward.

Unlike lead slugs which lose their regular shape and initial trajectory after hitting obstacles, a Monolit 32 slug, because of its hard material and self-stabilizing shape, maintains its flight path, or in some cases deviates minimally. The design and stability of the slug ensures high resistance to ricocheting in densely overgrown areas.


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