Dupo 28

High precision
Controlled expansion
Powerful stopping impact

Technical data:

Slug weight: 28.0 g / 430 gr
Muzzle velocity: 445 m/s / 1460 fps
Muzzle energy: 2770 J / 2040 fp


A slug with a fast and powerful stopping effect. During the first moments of hit, it expands to a maximum diameter of 3 cm and provides strong impact within the whole expansion area. Meanwhile, the slug causes a powerful hydrodynamic shockwave on vital organs – respiratory, circulatory and neural systems. The internal hydrodynamic blow is the strongest effect of Dupo 28 slugs. Increased initial velocity allows using these slugs in driven hunting for shooting fast-moving targets without an especially large forward lead. Dupo 28 is a highly accurate slug ensuring fast and effective impact energy transfer, and an additional hydrodynamic shockwave inside the animal body.

The main advantages:
  • High accuracy at long distances
  • Maximum energy transfer at the moment of impact
  • Frontal part of the slug expands to a 30 mm diameter in the moment of hit
  • Hydrodynamic shockwave on internal organs
  • Large entrance holes provide massive blood tracks
  • Reduced possibility of ricocheting
  • Lead-free
  • Minimal friction in the barrel
  • Can be used in all chokes
  • Highest accuracy with a 1 mm choke
  • Suitable also for rifled barrels
  • Not recommended for use in back-bored (increased inner diameter) barrels


In case of inaccurate hits, the large-diameter entrance hole created by a Dupo 28 slug causes massive, explicit blood tracks, since the wound does not close and blood does not accumulate inside the body. When hitting various parts of the body, a Dupo 28 slug causes different effects. If the slug hits the frontal part of the body, it acts mainly with its large frontal expansion area and hydrodynamic shockwave inside the body. The expanded frontal part forms a rigid, stable construction, which in most cases remains non-fragmented until the end of slug impact. On the other hand, when hitting the rear part of the body which has a larger density, the frontal part of the slug usually disintegrates into six splinters. Each of those splinters weighs 1.2 g and causes its own disruptive impact equal to 6 mm buckshot. The remaining part of the slug retains 70-75 % of its initial mass and continues deep penetration into the body. Six splinters together with the main slug part comprise a wide cone of disruptive elements, which causes bone, tissue and intestine damage in a large area.


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